Shoot Live Zombies!


We would like to welcome you to ZOMBIE HUNTERS PAINTBALL.  This unique paintball experience, where you shoot but don't get shot, is sweeping the nation and will have you begging for more.  The Zombie Apocalypse has hit the Haunted Hayride.  Join us this fall in helping us save the farm against these undead intruders. Our Zombie Hunters Hayride is specially equipped with high power paintball guns and state of the art bullets filled with Zombie killing serum. Each team will be taken where the Zombies have overrun the farm. It is your job to help us keep them at bay until order can be restored.


Enjoy our newly edited movie for free while in line at the Haunted Hayride or while simply sitting around one of our bonfires, keeping warm and enjoying some refreshments from our concession stand. We have three Zombie Paintball Trailers, each holding 26 people. The price is $20 per person and comes with 75 paintballs.  You can buy an additional 75 paintballs at the ticket booth for $10,  or you can buy your additional 75 Paintballs on the Paintball trailer at the half way point for $15.  We suggest you buy them early at the ticket booth to save you money.

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